Games Incubator: Evaluation

As an individual in terms of design and development, my communication, time management and software skills I feel have been the most rewarding. It sure feels easier now to realise that our inspirations and assumed level of production was exaggerated.

Image is from Tales from the Loop.

However, the fact that we have embraced such a complex and demanding concept of a video game. By performing under pressure, by working in groups and by practicing the industry methods of process and development, this project has shown us that it is possible to hit both, individual and collaborative targets, thus, accumulate more skills.

Individual Contributions:

  • Map development (vegetation, props creation, props management, terrain)

  • Visual Enhancement (camera effects, particle simulations, testing scripts, adapting to needs)

Group Contributions:

  • Planning player mechanics with the group, especially working closely with the programming team to set up the levels according to player mechanic plans

  • Supporting team with GitHub management and problem-solving difficulties such as merge conflicts

  • Supporting Animator to figure out ways of exporting Animations with both skeleton and cloth sim animations (select appropriate objects from the outliner list, bake animations, perform an alembic export, add Alembic importer plugin to unity, import the Alembic file, create a new timeline, attach the timing animation as a layer in the new timeline, select the

Team Collaboration


My technical duties aren't significant around playability and gameplay.

It becomes a hopeless situation when there isn't a harmonious collaboration between the different sectors of the game design team. The truth is that not all of our group members have committed to support/contribute during essential planning, activities and to bother about attending group meetings, therefore lacking communication to discuss the practice, possibilities and constraints of our game mechanics. It feels as though our assigned programmer had been dedicated elsewhere as only now in the final days, there is more activity and determination to deliver some mechanics. They are pushing to complete on their duties in the last minute.

GitHub Merge Conflicts and Problem Solving

GitHub had been an advantageous platform, to stay connected and to have accessibility to the work files from remote or home machines. One significant setback which is mentioned by many users is the possibility of having merge conflicts when working and pushing from the same repository. This problem was devastating, creating over 4 thousand individual conflicting issues. With support from an online tutorial, I was able to find a manual solution. The user needed to go over the code of the scene file, by opening it with software such as notepad.

There given the conflict, one can choose whether to keep the previous data from the GitHub repository, or the new data included with the commit. Additional loss of time caused, in trying to figure out ways of solving the conflict and recover the scene information with a significant map update focused on building the third prototype concept.

As self-evaluation goes, I was naive about the possibility for this to happen, being new to the GitHub platform and could have prevented so by making a regular back-up before committing work. Furthermore, regarding conflicts, I noticed that a better choice is to make smaller updates, regularly committing in small chunks as there are fewer risks of losing or facing large numbers of conflicts.


With a little bit of luck, I am interested in devoting time to practice the art of level, narrative and mechanic design for a future involving the design and development principles of video games. To create immersive scenarios, working with core mechanics to craft and ultimately publish my own video game product.

Ultimatly to specialise on technical design and push towards a goal of becoming a level designer. After applying and joining a studio, the future plan is to use the experience accumulated and develop further working in a position such as the one of junior level design.


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